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Car Wrap Application Tools Kit Vinyl Squeegee Felt 2 Magnets Window Tint Install

Car Wrap Application Tools Kit Vinyl Squeegee Felt 2 Magnets Window Tint Install

Car Wrap Application Tools Kit Vinyl Squeegee Felt 2 Magnets Window Tint Install   Car Wrap Application Tools Kit Vinyl Squeegee Felt 2 Magnets Window Tint Install
Car Wrap Application Tools Vinyl Squeegee Felt Magnets Window Tint Install Kits. Car film gluing installation tool set for car film, tinting film, window film installation. Professional vinyl wraps tool set for car foil gluing installation.

Hot air gun: 1600W, 110V/220V, EU/US/AU plug. Set with different temperature function, large LCD display and 2 different attachment nozzle. Magnetic wristbands help you to save the tools when gluing.

Complete tool set, includes hot air gun with holder, tool bag, magnetic armband, different foil squeegees with felt edge, foil cutter, gloves, 9mm cutter knife, craft knife, mini scraper, water extractor and mini micro squeegee, bubble air release pen. Perfect Auto Foiling Tool Set gives you an excellent gluing effect. Work Gloves Nylon 22cm length (One size fits most). Cutting knife Stainless steel 13cm length. Squeegee with felt Plastic, Fabric 10 x 7.3cm.

Pro-tint Bondo Squeegee, Wool Felt Teflon, Wool 10 x 7.0cm. Pro-tint Bondo Squeegee, Suede Felt Teflon, Suede 10 x 7.0cm.

Magnetic holder with handle Rubber, Magnetic, Plastic 4.5 x 6cm. Long Gasket Squeegee Heat resistant POM 8.5 x 1.8cm. Rubber Edge Block Squeegee Plastic, Rubber 6 inch. Black Conquerer Squeegee Plastic, Rubber 21.5 x 6.5cm Yellow Contour squeegee Flexible Plastic 15.8 x 8.8cm. Smart Card with felt Plastic, Fabric 12 x 8cm. Pink lil chizler squeegee hard plastic 7.5 x 5.5cm. Triumph scraper Plastic, Carbon Steel 11 x 4.5cm. Snitty Cutter Plastic, Carbon steel 10 x 5.8cm. Micro squeegee different hardness plastic 16.830.5cm.

5 x Vinyl Wrap Sticks (Color: Blue, Yellow, Orange, Black, Red), all with magnet built in. 1 x Blue medium-hard squeegee with self-adhesive Fabric felt edge. 1 x Yellow medium-hard squeegee with self-adhesive Micro-fiber felt edge. 5 x Fabric felt for squeegee (black).

5 x Microfiber felt for squeegee(Red). 2 x Black Gripper Magnet Holder. 1 x Pair of gloves. 1 x Safety Vinyl Cutter (Orange). 2 x mini Gray Squeegee.

1 x Black carving cutter with 5 blades. 1 x magnetic wirstband, store for small tools. 1 x hot air gun with 2 different attachment nozzles. 1 x scraper with 10 pcs. 1 x wing shape 3-layer micro suede felt red.

1 pair of white glove. 1 x yellow window side wiper.

1 x magnetic squeegee with 2 type different squeegee end design. 1 x red countour squeegee. 1 x 500cm knifeless Tape.

1 x 90°gray squeegee with microfiber felt. 1 x knife with 10 blades. 1 x 1inch rubber PPF squeegee. 1 x smart card squeegee, fabric felt. 1 x 6 block squeegee, rubber edge on one side. 1 x pro-tint bondo squeegee, suede felt. 1 x pro-tint bondo squeegee, wool felt. 1 x microfiber felt squeegee. 1 x gasket stick squeegee. 1 x 90° yellow marker squeegee. 1 x Rubber squeegee with Handle 1 x 90 degree measure squeegee cut aid tool 1 x 4" blue squeegee with 3 layers cloth 1 x 3 layers cloth 4 x magnet holders 1 x orange magnetic stick squeegee 1 x green magnetic tuck squeegee and cut help tool 1 x small soft rubber PPF scraper 1 x finger sleeve cover 1 x triangular squeegee with multi soft edge 1 x 90 degree grey small stick squeegee 1 x 135 degree squeegee with suede felt 1 x razor scraper with 5pcs blades 1 x magnetic pro tint squeegee with suede felt 1 x Mini Pink scraper 1 x Stainless steel knife with 10 Blades 1 x vinyl cutter 1 x magnetic tool waist bag 1 x blue squeegee with fabric felt 1 pairs x work gloves 1 x 6" white Block Squeegee 1 x 500cm knifeless tape 1 x Heat Gun with 1pc Large Deflector Nozzle(8cm), 1pc Reduction Nozzle(2cm). 1 x 4-inch Blue squeegee with red buffer wing microfine felt 1 x 4-inch Blue squeegee with black fabric felt 3 x Red buffer wing microfine felt 3 x Black wing shape fabric felt 1 x Grey angle stick squeegee 1 x red plastic blade scraper 5 x Black double edge plastic razor blade 1 x Orange safety cutter with concealed razor 1 x pink PPF install rubber squeegee 1 x Green magnetic micro squeegee 1 x Twin-head craft knife with air bubble release pin 5 x spare razor 2 x cut-resistant finger sleeve 1 x 100cm heat resistant tape 1 x 1800W 110V Heat Gun with 2 sizes nozzles 1 x 300cm knifeless tape 2 x magnets holder 1 x Pointed tweezers 1 x orange magnet micro squeegee. Temperature at nozzle outlet approx. Temperature measuring accuracy at nozzle outlet: +/- 10%, on the display: +/- 5. Weight (Body no accessories): 0.8 kg. Car sticker install or remove. This item is in the category "eBay Motors\Parts & Accessories\Car & Truck Parts & Accessories\Exterior Parts & Accessories\Decals & Vinyls".wood" and is located in this country: CN. This item can be shipped worldwide.
  1. Style: 06
  2. Brand: Unbranded
  3. Country/Region of Manufacture: China
  4. Bundle Listing: Yes
  5. Type: Application Tool
  6. Material: Vinyl
  7. Finish: Glossy
  8. Placement on Vehicle: Left, Right, Front, Rear, Upper, Lower
  9. Warranty: No Warranty
  10. Theme: Aftermarket Parts

Car Wrap Application Tools Kit Vinyl Squeegee Felt 2 Magnets Window Tint Install   Car Wrap Application Tools Kit Vinyl Squeegee Felt 2 Magnets Window Tint Install